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We are here to offer Services & Solutions Which You Can Expect To Enhance Your Business.

Enterprise Applications

XDoor architect large scale products that allow your business to be dynamic and flexible in a way to business market. Also XDoor help you to improve your existing modules and services. These products are in different platforms such as in web applications, desktop sofwares & Android based applications, the most feature we proivde to enhance your buisness in multi-languages.

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Software Solution

You can tell us what you want to accomplise. We develop you entire Solution Stack software application. Our aim is to satisfy the customers by making there products on their demands in less period of time. Our products make your business paperless oragnization.

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Android Applications

XDoor Provides Mobile Applications (Adnroid OS) to manage or controll your business on your mobile screen. The best feature we can provide you is about the web application or Desktop Application same accessible from your mobile application.

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Web Applications

XDroor develope Web Applications, these applications can be static or dynamic applications to manage or promote your business.
Our team work on latest and best frameworks and tools to accomplish the product, which moves in pieces (Modules) and integrated into one project once its complete. We develop application fast responsive, user friendly interface, easy to use and to handle hundreds of users and data at same time by secure web portals.

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Desktop Applications

XDroor develope Windows Presentation Foundation Applications, these are one machine applications that help user to manage their business. application can be used to manage accounts, products stocks, sale and purchase like complete:
INVENTORY SYSTEM to handle your entire accounts.

SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS to handle your entrire education business.

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Universities Projects

XDroor Provide consultancy to graduate, under graduate students for their final year projects. We give them ideas, help in their existing modules so they can learn and complete the flaws in their coding skills. We can also provide required applicaiton along with code.
Projects can be web applications & Desktop Applications.

Terms & Condtions Applied!

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